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We work individually with each child's family to customize a specialized treatment plan.  Every child and family's needs vary and many different variables are considered.  We will propose a plan that fits the family's specific needs, time availability, and goals of intervention.  For more information please contact Regan Fitzgerald at

Intensive Early Intervention Program

In home ABA programs vary in intensity.  We provide weekly ABA programs up to 40 hours per week with a minimum of 6-8 hours per week.  We recommend 6-8 hours per week minimum divided across at least two tutors for effective generalization.  Our goal is to provide training, supervision, and oversight to help parents manage an in home program most effectively.  Frequent supervision is provided in the form of team meetings at least one time per month, depending on the number of therapy hours being received each week.  In addition to design, training, and supervision of an effective program, we can assist in IEP (Individualized Education Plan) development and attend ARD (Admission Review and Dismissal) meetings with the parents and collaborate with schools and outside therapies. 

Parent Training

Parent training is provided in the child's home as a mechanism for generalization of skills acquired in therapy sessions and as a way to help parents learn to take advantage of natural learning opportunities.  This involves arranging the environment for learning and maintaining positive behaviors.  Parents are instructed through modeling and hands-on training and feedback.  Individual workshops can also be provided. 

School Consultations

Through workshops, presentations, and hands-on instruction and feedback, on-site training is provided for individual schools or campuses or districts as a whole.  School districts may also choose to have ongoing consulting services from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Workshops and Training

Workshops and presentations can be provided to various groups and organizations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for the purpose of education and training of Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum disorders.  Workshops can be tailored towards parents or professionals. 

Workshops include but are not limited to:

  • ABC's of ABA
  • Managing Problem Behaviors
  • Increasing Language and Communication
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Compliance
  • Structuring a Classroom Setting
  • Training for toilet training
Functional Behavior Assessments

These services are for individuals experiencing difficult or challenging behaviors that need special attention.  The variables responsible for maintaining problematic behaviors are identified through a functional behavior assessment conducted in the child's daily environment (school/home/other therapies.)  Data is collected and leads the consultant to develop a Behavior Intervention Plan that outlines antecedent and consequent strategies and techniques for teaching alternative, replacement behaviors.  Training and oversight is provided to decrease the problem behavior and increase more desirable behaviors.