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"Regan Fitzgerald was a Godsend in bringing the school system up to speed with the effectiveness of ABA.  After years of begging, the Director of Special Education hired Regan and suddenly, everyone could speak the same language at our ARD meetings.  Within weeks, the teachers were capable of not only recognizing Zack's purpose for certain behaviors, but also working through it in such a away as to support our home program, no undo it.  We had struggled for years not seeing skills generalize in the school setting.  With Regan's assistance, teachers and support staff ultimately realized our son could have and should have been doing a lot more, independently.  He is now fully mainstreamed and maintaining A/B Honor Roll.  He does have modifications in his work, but the negative behavior he was using to gain attention or avoid tasks is greatly diminished, allowing him to remain in the general education classrooms.  I feel confident in saying, without Regan's assistance, not only with our case, but in educating the entire district, our son would not have made the progress he has made, nor would he have the potential to succeed as well in the future.  I have recommended her for speaking engagements at the preschool I work at, as well as worked with her personally.  Even after leaving the position at the district, she remains a friend who I value greatly.  She is a consummate professional, with the added benefit of a huge heart.  You will be amazed by the results Regan and BEST ABA can provide!" - Debbie Crosby (parent)

"Her input with our son at Herfurth Elementary from his third year to present has made the difference in him becoming fully mainstreamed.  No one is better qualified to equip parents with this knowledge.  Her workshop will help you to see your child in a different light, one that is full of hope."
  - Debbie Crosby (parent)

"When we hired Regan to be our consultant in the summer of 2006, our nearly three year old son was non-verbal, and within a few weeks he said his first word.  By that Christmas he had begun using two word sentences.  Since then he has progressed to the point where he had a speaking part in our church Christmas pageant a few months ago.  This spring he is playing advanced t-ball and next fall he will be starting kindergarten at our neighborhood elementary school.  We will never find the proper way to thank Regan and the team of therapists that she guided in the progress of our son."  - Tammy Snively (parent)
"Regan worked with my son for several years and I have never met anyone more dedicated to serving children with Autism.  Regan's compassion, knowledge, and commitment give her unique insight and an unparalleled skill in developing and implementing a first-rate ABA program for children with emerging skills.  Anyone looking for a BCBA to implement a home or school based program would be lucky to have her on board."  - Anissa Ryland, Director of Operations for Thoughtful House Center for Children (parent and colleague)