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About Us                                                          
BEST is a behavioral and educational consulting company providing individualized in-home services to children with special needs, focusing mainly in Autism intervention.  We are based in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.  Services are provided based upon the scientific principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). 

BEST is proud to offer high quality services individually tailored to meet the needs of any learner.  An eclectic style, combining many effective ABA approaches, including verbal behavior, discreet trial teaching, naturalistic and incidental teaching methods, allows BEST to truly individualize every aspect of teaching.  No two children learn the same and one child can learn different skills in many different ways.  Each and every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.  BEST makes this possible by administering ongoing and thorough assessments to identify the child's strengths and skill deficits.  Then, an individualized program is developed to capitalize on those strengths while addressing the skills most needed.  Progress is monitored constantly through data collection and ongoing assessments. 

Programs are designed to focus on language, socialization, and the increase of adaptive behaviors.  We teach pivotal, meaningful skills that will be applied and maintained in their natural environment.  BEST believes that when a child is not learning, something needs to change with the teaching and intervention, not the learner.  No one can do everything but EVERYONE can do something.